Weight loss without exercises with these five tips

Weight loss without exercises - no sport

Weight loss without exercises with these five tips

Weight loss without exercisesWeight loss without exercises, is this even possible? Do you think the sport is murder and prefer dreaming yourself slim rather than you bring yourself up and run? Then now we have exactly the right advice of star-coach Jessie Pavelka, how to get lean without sports and stay it. Simply follow these tips, and the desired weight, are no more obstacles.


Weight loss without exercises –

Do not abandon fruits and vegetables!

Weight loss without exercises - fruits and vegetablesA lot of people do not like the taste of fruits or vegetables, and that’s why they do not eat them. However, to pass up is anything but recommended, not only regarding weight. Even for our general well-being and our health are fresh vitamins, minerals and trace elements indispensable.

So if the taste constitutes an obstacle, we recommend trying out different ways of producing, such as smoothies. Easy to prepare and nutritious in content. These will support our goal to get lean without sports.


Weight loss without exercises –

Protein is essential!

Weight loss without exercises - proteinsProteins are, for example in fish, meat, vegetables like beans, oatmeal, and eggs. They support building muscle, are energy donors and fat burners. With more muscles, you burn more calories. So you eat proteins and rather avoid carbohydrates.


Weight loss without exercises –

Eating nothing anymore late at night

Weight loss without exercises - don't eat lateMany of us come late home from the office and want to eat than something small. Better leave it. From 20 o’clock, the body slows its metabolism and processes no longer ingested food but saves them just the same in our fat depots.

Try, therefore, prefer to get something to eat before you go home – an apple or a lubricated bread – but not later than to 20 o’clock. So the blood glucose level is kept constant, and the cravings remain of the evening.


Weight loss without exercises –

Try something new!

Weight loss without exercises - try something newThere are so many foods – try just something new, something that you do not know. Be open to new fruit, recipes, food. There is no one diet or the right foods to lose weight. Eat healthily and what you like is one of the most important rules, if you want to lose weight.


Weight loss without exercises –

Drink plenty of water

Weight loss without exercises - drink plenty of waterIn addition to the openness towards healthy eating, drinking is vital. Water is our lifeblood. It provides us not only with essential minerals and trace elements, but it also keeps us in overall fit and protects against diseases.

You should enjoy Coffee, Juices or sugary drinks only in moderation. Coffee deprives the body of water. Juices and sweet drinks contain mainly one thing – sugar. The cup of coffee in the morning is not a problem, but then you should prefer to change to water or tea (no black tea and unsweetened).

It is advisable to drink one or two glasses of water or tea before eating. It fills the stomach, thus ensuring a noticeably healthy satiety.


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