Weight loss plateau – How to break it

weight loss plateau explained

The weight loss plateau and now? The best tips to make weight loss work again

Do you think you have hit a weight loss plateau?

After a few weeks of successful slimming, it is suddenly there: the dreaded plateau. Nothing works anymore, no matter how hard you try to and what you do.weight loss plateau frustration

All this time you have been working your butt off and eating right. You thought, wow, this is going to happen this time, and the scale has shown quite a bit of change. Until now. The scale hasn’t budged for a week.

You torture yourself day after day, waive chocolate, chips and pizza and what happens? Nothing! The pointer of the scale doesn’t move a single bit! It is the so-called weight loss plateau, and it happens to everyone.

That beyond a certain point the decrease isn’t so fast anymore is quite reasonable. Also that eventually a first plateau appears.

For the average people though, it is hard to understand why something that worked now isn’t working anymore. Often they think they are doing something wrong and that they are doomed to stay overweight forever.

These thoughts aren’t real at all.

You lost already weight, so you are doing everything right. But our bodies are extremely adaptable. In our bodies take various complex processes place which we can’t control. The result can be a weight loss plateau. It is frustrating, I know, but always remember, it is normal. Everyone got to go through this stage. Just don’t give up now.


How does it come to a weight loss plateau?

Various reasons might be possible causes. Let us look at some.weight loss plateau explained

  • Your body has adapted
    All your exercises and eating plans have led to weight loss. But your body got used to all that. It has got to a stage where it can deal with the pressure you put on it without a problem. You need to challenge you more to break through the plateau. For example, if you were walking you now need to start with running. If you only did cardio, you can mix it up with some HIIT sessions,
  • Your body is stressed out
    It is a general reason. Often people do too much too early. They place too much stress on their body with too much training and cutting calories too much. The result is that the body is like shocked and doesn’t react on training and diet anymore.
    Give your body a break from a few days. In that time it can rest and get back to normal.
  • You reached your ideal weight
    The closer you got to your weight loss goal, the less you will lose weight.


But now you can make a difference with these tips!

Overthink your weight loss goals.

For starters take another look at your long-term goal. Is it possible that you are happy with the weight you are at right now? Or do you want to go ahead and get to that original goal weight? If you want to continue to that original goal weight, make sure you haven’t become a little relaxed about your diet and exercising. Sometimes you do have to reward yourself. But if you have let those rewards get out of hand, you need to take stock of things and adjust them to restart your weight loss.


Movementsweight loss plateau movement

Sports burn lots of calories and boost your metabolism. Stagnates the pointer of the scale, it comes to a weight loss plateau, you either should install more exercise into your daily life or change something in the sports program.
Many make a mistake to do every week always the same sports program. A bit of variety, changes regarding intensity and speed, however, bring up your metabolism in full swing.


Control your eating behavior

Pretty mean: You still eat unchanged less. Still, nothing happens on the scale. It is typical of a weight downtime that occurs after a few weeks of the dieting.
In this case, you must be strong and just go on. After a few days and weeks, it will continue with the weight loss.
But to be sure, you should also check your eating habits critically. Do you eat less or do you perhaps fall back into old habits?


Don’t go into starvation mode

weight loss plateau do not starveBecause the reduced calorie intake, your body might have gone into starvation mode. It happens when you cut down your calories too much. You can’t speed up the result. It takes time. When you try to speed things up, it will have the opposite effect. Your metabolism drops when it doesn’t get enough calories. To get out of this stage, you need to eat a few days a bit more till your body recovered again.


Change meals

During the first weight loss phase, you often stick to a very particular diet concept and developed a routine. But routine can encourage a weight loss plateau.
Variation and variety are the best means to bring the weight loss process back on track. You can, for example, try to eat in the evening only egg whites or instead of bread for breakfast a yogurt with oatmeal and fruits.


Sufficient drinking

If you do not drink enough, it can slow down your metabolism. It should be 4 to 5 pt. Lqd of water and unsweetened fruit or herbal tea on the day. If you like to drink juice or soft drinks, you should critically examine how many extra calories you take up so daily. Even diet drinks you should enjoy wisely.


Clenching Teeth and don’t be stressedweight loss plateau don't give up

It’s utterly frustrating when you resist yourself everything, do sports and still not lose weight. But: Due to emotional eating, it will not get better! Therefore, my tip: stay tuned, stay active and clench your teeth. After a while of decrease, it works again, I promise!


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