Top fat burner you can eat

Top fat burner you can eat

Top fat burner you can eat

Top fat burner you can eatDo you know that several foods can help you lose weight? There are lots of foods that boost your metabolism and aid you to lose the unwanted pounds. Does this sound too good to be true? It is true. A list of the best fat burning food to lose weight is below. You can eat these natural fat burners also as a snack in between.



Top fat burner: Citrus fruitstop fat burner - citrus fruits

Lemon & Co. include for humans indigestible components, and the citrus fibers saturate excellently. Also, Vitamin C is a natural fat burner.


Top fat burner: Sardines

top fat burner - sardines

Sardines are full of fish oil. Scientists discovered that people who replace six-gram fat with 6-gram fish oil each day lost two pounds in only three months. Sardines also are filled with Omega 3 fatty acid and protein. 



 Top fat burner: Tunatop fat burner - tuna

Tuna also contains a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids decrease the hormone leptin; A lower leptin level makes it easier to lose weight.  The less the leptin level, the faster is the metabolism. Besides, it contains a lot of protein which is great to boost your metabolism


Top fat burner: Salmon

top fat burner - salmonSalmon also provides a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids and speed up the caloric burn. Like other fishes, it is also full of protein. Salmon also tastes great if it’s grilled.




Top fat burner: Turkeytop fat burner - turkey

Turkey is a fantastic provider of lean protein which increases your metabolism. Eating only the lean meat without the skin helps you to save calories too.


Top fat burner: Crispbread

top fat burner - crispbreadThe dry bread is a real fiber bomb and binds cholesterol which helps you to lose weight. But beware: This only applies to products made of whole grain flour, because the fiber contained in there stimulates your digestion and have a beneficial effect on blood sugar levels.



Top fat burner: Applestop fat burner - apples

More than 30 vitamins – including the pro-vitamin A, vitamins B1, B2, B6, E and C, lots of potassium and a bunch of other minerals romp about in and under the crispy apple skin. There is a whopping 70 percent of the valuable nutrients- so stay away from the paring knife. And especially important: Apples contain the known dietary fiber pectin that stimulates digestion and satisfies a long time.


Top fat burner: Berries

top fat burner - berriesThey include source materials that provide a good satiety effect. Whether strawberry, raspberry or blackberry – the round fruits let the pounds tumble and are also not only in summer tasty.




Top fat burner: Peartop fat burner - pears

Pears are as healthy as apples and are also rich in vitamins and minerals. Pears have, just like apples, a high level of pectin. And this fiber is the Slim secret because it is indigestible, but also increases the volume of food. Don’t peel this fruit: pear skin binds cholesterol and smaller amounts of fat.


Top fat burner: Tomatoes

top fat burner - tomatoesThis vegetable consists of 95% of water and is high in fiber. This plant also contains a lot of potassium, which aids blood pressure regulation and helps the body to excrete intercalated water. Our tip: Dried Tomatoes provide almost no carbs or fat but phytonutrients that protect the cells.


Top fat burner: Celerytop fat burner - celery

The green stalks are undoubtedly the ultimate wonder vegetable for losing weight: The body needs more calories to digest the perennials, as the plant contains itself. It contends to 93% of water. Concurrently, it provides a lot of fiber and calcium. The latter binds long chain fatty acids in the gut, which won’t get stored in the tissues, but excreted.


Top fat burner: Trout

top fat burner - troutThe fish is an ideal source of protein. Even a small portion covers a large part of the human protein requirements. Trout also provides many nutrients but is low in fat. It also includes lots of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Tastes delicious on the grill!


Top fat burner: Lentilstop fat burner - lentils

Lentils include a starch that is indigestible for humans and leads to a rapid saturation. Many “low carb” diets include lentils. This type of weight loss relies on by the body slowly processed carbohydrates. It is also inserted, among others, in beans – but lentils don’t lead, unlike beans, to bloating.


Top fat burner: White beans

top fat burner - beansWhite beans contain a lot of vegetable protein and are high in fiber, which saturates well. They also almost double the content of the hormone cholecystokinin. It handles the feeling of satiety and ensures that the stomach stays longer full.



Top fat burner: Green teatop fat burner - green tea

According to studies, the catechism and flavonoids of tea tannins reduce the storage of fat in the liver. Also, the tea increases the heat production in the cells and with that the amount of burned calories.


Top fat burner: Carrots

top fat burner - carrotsCarrots are high in fiber. This fact doesn’t only keep the gut healthy but also keep long fed up. Best is you eat raw food. Nice side effect: Just one medium carrot is sufficient to meet your daily requirement of vitamin A or beta-carotene – which is good for your eyes.



Top fat burner: Broccolitop fat burner - broccoli

Potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, chromium: The list of healthy ingredients from broccoli is long and could continue. The parts are indispensable for the functioning of fat loss.


Top fat burner: Spinach

top fat burner - spinachThe green leafy vegetables include thylakoids, plant substances that suppress the appetite, according to a Swedish study of the Lund University and help you lose weight.



Top fat burner: Pineappletop fat burner - pineapple

Due to the potassium the “kings of tropical fruits” detoxifies, stimulates the kidneys and washes toxins out. Also, Pineapple contains enzymes that vitally affect the fat burning. It supports any diet. Also, helps with the digestion of proteins. Tip: Just enjoy for breakfast!


Top fat burner: Rice

top fat burner - riceRice is due to the high potassium and low sodium content strongly dehydrating. The vast proportion of B vitamins is good for a cool head. Carbohydrates and fiber in the small grain keep long full and help digestion.

Tip: Prefer brown rice.


Top fat burner: Cucumbertop fat burner - cucumber

It acts due to its high potassium and magnesium content dehydrating and purifies the blood purifier.





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