Stop food cravings for now and forever

stop food cravings now

How to stop food cravings and keep them away forever

Stop food cravings with these tips and never get in this situation again.stop food cravings now

Chocolate! Now! Immediately! And after that a couple of biscuits, sweets and what else we get in the fingers. Food cravings are a real nuisance that can make life hard. It’s terrible when the thoughts circle nothing else than sweets throughout the day, although you desperately want to lose weight. It’s only a matter of time until we give in to the urge and stuff everything in us what is reachable.

But from where does food cravings come? The causes vary. Often there is a direct relationship with our blood sugar levels. When we eat something, sugar enters the bloodstream, the blood sugar rises, and the body needs to produce insulin to decrease the blood sugar levels again. This process is entirely normal. For sweets or white flour products, the increase in blood sugar levels is speedy and stable. Unfortunately, he falls soon afterward quickly and deeply again. The body reacts with food cravings because of the body associates such a low blood sugar level with a lack of food.

The situation is different when we eat a whole grain bread with cheese or a piece of meat with salad. The blood sugar level rises too, but much slower and not that much. Equally slowly it sinks again. Cravings remain off.

With the right food choices, we have some influence on our food cravings. But food cravings can also be caused by many other things like chronic stress, fatigue or psychological problems.


Here are some tips how to react appropriately to stop food cravings and keep them away.


Immediate action to stop food cravings: Chew peppermint gumstop food cravings with peppermint chewing gums

Sweet fruits don’t help against food craving, but something that contains peppermint. Peppermint is pretty sharp and spreads rapidly in your mouth. The appetite for sweet things will disappear as if by magic. So just pick up peppermint chewing gum, peppermint candy, or brush your teeth.



Immediate action to stop food cravings: Distract yourself

stop food cravings calling a friend

If we don’t pay attention to the desires, it disappears within a few minutes. Distraction is the slogan when the appetite for something sweet or salty comes over us all of a sudden.

Ideas for distracting:

  • go for a walk
  • turn your PC on and surf around
  • clean up
  • call a friend
  • and much more


Immediate action to stop food cravings: Drink water

Water has no calories. Isn’t that awesome? Every time your body cries for the food and its need by sipping a big glass of water. You don’t only prevent the call of your stomach you are also providing it a healthy choice.


Immediate action to stop food cravings: Replace with low-fat foods and complex carbs

stop food cravings with healthy snacksIf you crave for chocolate, you can eat for example a low-fat chocolate yogurt. Instead of eating a candy bar try a small piece of dark chocolate. You maybe want to try dried fruits or fig bars.

When you crave for something sweet, you can eat fresh fruits. Fresh fruits are somewhat sweet in a natural way and full of vitamins. Minerals and fiber.


Immediate action to stop food cravings: Use small amounts

Rather than filling yourself with every sort of food praying your cravings will go away you can eat 100 to 200 calories of your preferred food.


Preventive action to stop food cravings: Get rid of temptationsstop food cravings and get rid of the junk food

Get rid of the unhealthy stuff like chocolate, cookies, chips and so on. If you don’t have access to this foods, it is way easier to avoid them. Exchange those foods with healthier goodies.  Write a shopping list of the things you need before you go shopping.  Stick to this list. After you got everything on your list, pay for it immediately instead of lingering around the sweets section.


Preventive action to stop food cravings: Study the food labels

When you are shopping, make sure to read the food labels before you buy it.  Get mindful of the food content. Knowing about the sugar content can enable you to stay away from high sugar food.


Preventive action to stop food cravings: Do not starve

If you are hungry, you’re suffering faster under cravings due to low blood sugar. Therefore: never go hungry and eat until you are full.


Preventive action to stop food cravings: Enjoy food

stop food cravings and enjoy your foodDon’t gulp down, but enjoy Those who follow this tip struggles rarely with cravings. If we casually gobble down our meals or only eat when were busy with something else, we often don’t know what we just ate. A shame for the great food! No matter what we eat, we should take the time to taste every bite. Eating slow expels food cravings because the food makes us happier and who is satisfied, does not suffer from endless appetite.


Preventive action to stop food cravings: Eat regularlystop food craving with regular eating

If we sometimes skip a meal, for example, the breakfast, the blood sugar level drops to the basement and immediately demands food. Most of the times the body requires something sweet because that gives a fast supply of energy.
To prevent this, we should plan to have three solid meals a day, together with a morning and afternoon snack. If the day is stressful, be prepared and got healthy snacks available. Compliment fruits with seeds and nuts. Seeds and nuts are fiber and protein rich food. Increase your protein intake with your regular meals. For example, eat eggs for breakfast in the morning.


Preventive action to stop food cravings: Eat whole grains

stop food cravings with whole grain foodWhole grain products like pasta, brown rice or bread, contain plenty of fibers, which ensure a high satiety. Therefore: leave the white flour products aside.
Another plus point: After enjoying whole grain foods the blood sugar level rises slowly. We do not experience the roller coaster ride as with white bread, when the blood sugar level GO UP first, then down fast, and we feel shortly afterward cravings.


Preventive action to stop food cravings: Insert breaks from eating

Just as we need breaks from everyday life, the body needs a break from eating. A Snack in the morning and afternoon is ok, constant eating is counterproductive and encourages cravings.


Preventive action to stop food cravings: Sweet best after the mealstop food cravings and eat sweets after a meal

A desert is not only an excellent way to finish a meal, but it’s also damn smart to eat something sweet after a meal. The reason: if we eat chocolate or the cake after the pasta, the cheese bread or salad, the effect on the blood glucose levels is entirely different. The level does not increase as fast as in the sole enjoyment of sweets. Say, the blood glucose hole doesn’t arrive and hence the cravings.


Preventive action to stop food cravings: Drink enough

Did you know? Who drinks sufficient (1.5 to 2 liters per day), not only supplies the body with enough fluids, he also reduces cravings. Often we confuse thirst for hunger. And the feeling in the mouth, if we have not been drinking like forever, is best fought with something sweet.  Avoid sugary drinks and drink water or unsweetened tea instead.


Preventive action to stop food cravings: Do not place prohibitions

stop food cravings with not prohibiting anythingForbidden things are attractive! That’s why: When it comes to food, there are no prohibitions. Chocolate, cookies, cakes, chips, ice cream or pizza: Everything is allowed. However, not every day, and only in small portions.



Preventive action to stop food cravings: Avoid Alcohol!

A typical cause of food cravings is drinking alcohol. We stop thinking as clearly. Therefore it is more likely that we give into the cravings. I am not even talking about the hangover. It can make junk food look even more appealing!


Preventive action to stop food cravings: Keep yourself busy

Take some classes such as yoga, Pilates or aerobics. Go for a jog or walk in the park. Take a bath or read or a good book. Or maybe you start with meditation. Well being of the body advances well-being of the mind


Preventive action to stop food cravings: Cut down stress

Stress is one of the leading causes for cravings. Many settle down their nerves with chocolate and cake. If we fight the pressure with something else, we eliminate a significant cause of food cravings.stop food cravings reducing stress

These help with stress:

  • fresh air
  • sports
  • relaxation exercises
  • meditation
  • regular breaks
  • separation of job and leisure time


Preventive action to stop food cravings: Workouts

stop food cravings and work outIn the time in which we train, we can’t eat. A good reason to go for a regular workout. An even better comes here: When doing workouts endorphins are released, and stress gets reduced. After workouts, we do not need comfort eating anymore, because we’re ok.




Preventive action to stop food cravings: Adequate sleep

Yawns. A day can be long if you are tired. And precisely, sweets give new energy in no time. Food Cravings associates closely with fatigue. Who is sleeping enough, does not live with the constant need for something to eat.


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