The Raw Food Diet – What is it?

Raw food diet - what is it

The Raw Food Diet – What is it?

Raw food diet - what is it

Pretty sure you did hear about the raw food diet. It is increasing its attraction and hype over the last few years. Not only for weight loss but also as a nutrition for a long and healthy life.  We are stuffing lots of processed food in us.  Without even thinking about what we exactly eat. And how far this is away from the healthy food our ancestors used to eat.

The raw food diet suggests eating the food in its natural organic form. There are various rational reasons this is a good thing to do. If you prepare and cook the food, it can take away lots of its fundamental natural value. If you don’t cook this food anymore and start to eat them in their fresh and natural form you give your body what it needs on vitamins and minerals. Fresh, unprepared fruits and vegetables got way more nutrients than cooked vegetables. Remember some of the common knowledge always use to say. Things like: do not peel fruits or vegetables too deep as most of the minerals and vitamins are right under the surface.

Raw food diet - Raw foodThe raw food diet implies enjoying fresh, organic, natural, entire vegetable and fruits, seeds, nuts, legumes, seaweeds, dried foods and so on. At least 75% of the foods we eat should be uncooked. If you cook fruits and vegetables, you also remove a good part of its taste as well as vitamins and minerals from it. The raw food indicates eating more as our ancestors did. Our ancients were much fitter and more healthy than we are these days. They cooked almost nothing and for sure no fruits and vegetables. Our ancestors ate this food raw. They didn’t drink sugared water; their water was natural, fresh spring water. Maybe sometimes they enjoyed some coconut milk.

Raw food diet - fresh vegetablesIf you cook food, you also change the chemistry of it and make it usually way harder to digest it. That we got so many digestives issues around is one of the reasons for it. We are eating food in a form our body can’t properly digest. High fiber and water content like in fresh food increase the blood flow to all of your cells in your body. There are two main reasons why an improved blood flow is essential. The blood delivers minerals and vitamins, as well as oxygen to your living cells. In return, it carries away the toxic metabolites.

Raw food diet around the worldIn many countries, obesity is a huge issue. The diet industry makes more money than the oil industry. The reason is the way we prepare our food virtually ensure that we eat way too much. Psychologists explain to us that we do that because our souls are hungry. In fact, our body is hungry, even when we feel full. Our body craves for minerals and vitamins, and when you give it what it needs, overeating will stop.


Enjoying fresh raw food increases your metabolism. To digest raw food requires a bit more energy, but this is healthy. More than wasting the energy to get rid of the toxins released by prepared food. Instead of that, our body uses the energy to supply every cell with vitamins, minerals, oxygen, and enzymes it needs. It makes our body the powerful machine it is meant to be.


Raw food diet . fresh saladDoesn’t it is simply the better choice to eat the way our body is designed to eat? Enjoying food like that means we are in the balance with the earth and our metabolism. Our body was designed to function and need to work to be reliable. To work efficiently implies workouts without doubts, but also eating right. When eating natural raw food, it demands much more work for our body to digest it.

As our body and brain aren’t starving anymore for the vitamins and minerals it needs, you won’t overeat yourself anymore. Therefore it is much easier to lose weight and achieve your weight loss goal.  As well as to keep the weight  you want.


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