Natural fat burner: Spice up to lose weight

Natural fat burner - spices

Natural fat burner: Spice up to lose weight

Natural fat burner - spicesDo you like your food spicy? Then you are lucky! Most of this sufficient spices are a thermogenic fat burner. They help you to control your blood sugar, reduce inflammation, boost your metabolism to help burn fat and also reduce your cancer and cardiovascular risk. So make sure to spice up and include them in your eating plan for weight loss.



Natural fat burner: Mustard

natural fat burner - mustardRelating to the results of a study by the University of Copenhagen increase 20 grams of mustard (which corresponds to about two teaspoons) per day, the body’s heat production.  Due to that increase, the body burns more calories. Just put mustard instead of butter on the bread, give the salad dressing or stir in a sauce.


Natural fat burner: Ginger

Natural fat burner - ginsengThe spicy Asian root as tea or spice is a real calorie killer. With the adding of ginger, the body temperature rises and causes that you burn extra calories. Just peel and chop a thumb-sized piece and pour boiling water over it. But sugars are then prohibited.



Natural fat burner: Chili, cayenne peppers, jalapenos, and habaneros

natural fat burner - chiliesThe capsaicin in these spices heats up the taste buds and even the fat burning in the body. The antioxidant stimulates the metabolism and digestion. Also, they reduce the insulin levels, which increases the fat burning in return.  Another fat burning effect: The capsaicin (plugged in hot peppers or cayenne) reduces appetite.  It also increases your metabolism till up to 3 hours after eating. So always spice it up neatly!


Natural fat burner: Chives

Natural fat burner - chivesIt accelerates fat burning and increases the calorie burning by its mustard oils. It also contains a lot of Vitamin c, the top fat burner. Supplies also water-soluble B vitamins that aid your metabolism.



Natural fat burner: PeppermintNatural fat burner - peppermint

Peppermint stimulates digestion and smothers the sweet cravings. Fresh peppermint also tastes great when you add it to your water.


Natural fat burner: Cinnamon

natural fat burner - cinnamonCinnamon lowers blood sugar levels, insulin levels, and increases fat loss. It also reduces craving for sweets.

Tip: Add a bit cinnamon to your coffee in the morning.



Natural fat burner: Turmericnatural fat burner - turmeric

Turmeric enhances the metabolism and improves the body’s ability to burn fat. It also helps you with digesting your food. Besides is numeric known for its anti-cancer, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects


Natural fat burner: Black pepper

natural fat burner - black pepperJust as the chilies, cayenne pepper, jalapenos and habaneros it helps the body to burn more calories. Black pepper also helps the body to absorb nutrients better. And – it is crucial for the efficient absorption of Curcumins, one of the main ingredients of turmeric (see above)



Natural fat burner: Ginsengnatural fat burner - ginseng

It can help with weight loss and may even slow down weight gain resulting from an unhealthy diet.

Tip: Put some ginseng in your soups.


Natural fat burner: Cloves

Natural fat burner - clovesCloves stimulate your metabolism and ensure that you burn extra calories.

Tip: Put them in sauces or soups



Natural fat burner - garlicNatural fat burner: Garlic

Garlic speeds up your metabolism and helps to burn more calories.

Tip: Eat some fresh parsley after you enjoyed garlic. These will reduce the smell of it.


Natural fat burner: Cardamom

Natural fat burner - cardamonIt aids to lower blood sugar levels and LDL cholesterol (that is, harmful ‘cholesterol) and regulates insulin levels.  Furthermore, cardamom stimulates digestion and metabolism.





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