Low carb diet plan – What is it?

Low carb diet plan - featured

Low carb diet plan – What does it mean?

Low carb diet plan -what is it?Many people want to lose weight these days, and they start to diet. Most of them think that they need to reduce their food. But this is an incorrect belief as most of them cut down on healthy food as well. A healthy diet needs to contain enough food with “good” carbohydrates like in whole grains, vegetables or fresh fruits together with food that is high in protein. That is the basis of a healthy low carb diet plan.

The key point of a low carb diet is to reduce carbs and focus on the intake of protein and fat. You can find many low carb diets out there. All of them got different limitations on what and how much carbs to eat. Usually, a low carb diet connects to weight loss. Many of these diets promise health benefits as well as weight loss.

If you want to begin a low carb diet, you need to follow some guidelines to make it work. The following points can help you to create a healthy eating plan.

  • All your meals should include between 60 to 85 grams protein.Low carb diet plan - do not eat
  • For weight loss, keep the amount of carbohydrate intake low, around zero to 30 grams daily.
  • If possible, choose raw and organic whole foods. The more the fiber, the better will be the result.
  • Avoid white food such as potatoes, pasta, rice, bread, flour, sugar, popcorn.
  • Eat low carb fruits like berries, melon, peaches, kiwi, etc. for breakfast
  • If your focus is on losing weight, avoid cream and butter as far as possible. Also, avoid processed oils. Instead, you can use olive and nut oils.
  • Take your dinner early and eat only less.

Low carb diet plan – The benefits

Low carb diet plans provide a variety of advantages, especially for weight loss. The good points of these diet plans are following:

  • They increase fat loss because of an increase in fat burning.
  • You can achieve a significant amount of weight loss in a short span of time.
  • Low carb diet plans can provide health benefits like low cholesterol, low blood pressure, and low blood triglycerides
  • They help to maintain the blood sugar levels, especially for people with diabetes.
  • You can maintain consistent energy levels


Low carb diet plan – The negative points

But as everything has two sides, good and bad, there are also negative points.
The downsides with a low carb diet are following:

  • These plans result in muscle loss. It causes the metabolism to slow down which causes less burning of calories each day.
  • They cause the body to become ketogenic, which is not good for health.
  • A long run restriction of carbohydrates can lead to significant health problems.
  • They don’t provide many of the essential and necessary nutrients.
  • The decrease of muscle glycogen stores causes fatigue quickly, making exercise and physical movement difficult.
  • Your brain typically uses carbohydrates for a proper functioning which cannot be done by the use of fats.
  • The maintenance of muscles and a healthy skin tone is hard on a low carb diet plan.


Low carb diet plan – Final thoughts

Low carb diet plan - low carbAt first sight, low carb diet plan might sound an excellent idea to lose weight instantly. But at the beginning, you should not take it in high amounts. The body might take some time to get used to the diet and respond to it. But once the body adapts it, its benefits surpass its disadvantages.


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