How to get a flat stomach – Easy tips to follow

How to get a flat stomach

How to get a flat stomach – Easy tips to follow

How to get a flat stomachIn the fight against the fat on thighs or butt can only sports help. Do you want to fight the flab on your belly, however, you should change your eating habits! No other problem area is so controlled via the diet such as the abdomen. But how to burn the belly fat? And how to get flat abs? And what are these foods that burn belly fat?

What foods are bad for a flat stomach? And what belly fat burning foods you should eat instead to get a flat stomach.

Tip: Just because the diets to lose belly fat are in focus, it doesn’t mean that don’t you have to do any sport. The rolls disappear much more quickly if you do some cardio exercises at two, three days per week.


How to get a flat stomach – Avoid sugar-rich foods

how to get a flat stomach - avoid sugarBiscuits, cakes, chocolate or sweets: These foods mainly consist of sugar. The problem with sugar: After enjoying the sugar-rich foods, the body produces much insulin to transport sugar from the blood into the cells. As long as the body, however, still has insulin in the blood, it can’t burn any fat. Also, the many Insulin also ensures that fat is deposited especially on the abdomen.

Tip: Eat a piece of chocolate or a cookie for dessert after a meal. The effect on blood sugar levels is not so great when other nutrients such as protein are also in the blood.


How to get a flat stomach – Avoid white flour products

how to get a flat stomach - eat wholegrainsWith the white flour products, it is similar to the sugar: These foods provide plenty of insulin in the blood because they contain simple carbohydrates that cause the blood sugar levels rise high.

Tip: If possible, you should choose the whole grain version of white flour version. That is whole-grain bread instead of white bread, whole wheat pasta instead of the standard and brown rice instead of parboiled. In particular, in the evening you should avoid sugar and white flour products.


How to get a flat stomach – Avoid stodgy food

How to get a flat stomach - avoid beans and so onBeans taste great and contain many proper nutrients. Unfortunately, the body does often a little hard with digestion. In abdomen accumulates full air and it becomes thick. The next day, though all is well again if you have an important date this day, you have to live with the big belly.

Tip: Avoid legumes or cabbage if you have an important appointment. Otherwise, sprinkle with cumin. The spice ensures the carbon and Co. are better digested. Unpleasant bloating stays out. The same applies to the enjoyment of fennel seeds after a meal.


How to get a flat stomach – Avoid chewing gum

how to get a flat stomach - no chewing gumsEven if you often chew gum, you must expect that this accumulates a lot of air into your belly.

Tip: From time to time chew a chewing gum – that’s no problem. But who always chews or sucks sugarless candy must reckon with abdominal pain.


How to get a flat stomach – Avoid carbonated drinks

How to get a flat stomach - no carbonated drinksMineral water tingles so sweet and is wonderfully refreshing. However, it may happen that carbonated drinks care for a little bloating.

Tip: Prefer still water or medium, if you do not want to miss out on the bubble factor.


How to get a flat stomach – Avoid sugar-rich drinks

how to get a flat stomach - no sweet drinksJuice, Cola, lemonade and caramel Macchiato: These drinks contain plenty of sugar. And ensure a big belly because the insulin produced by the body specifically stores after drinking these beverages the fat in the abdomen.

Tip: Avoid sugary drinks and do not use the light variation with sweetener. If you don’t like to drink pure water, can spice up the water with a lemon or lime. Also, even mixed with one part juice and four parts of water are okay.


How to get a flat stomach – Abstaining from alcohol

how to get a flat stomach - no alcoholWe didn’t suspect it, but alcohol contains abundant simple carbohydrates that provide a high blood sugar level and the storage of belly fat. Also, alcohol stimulates our appetite, and we eat more than we wanted to.

Tip: Drink rarely alcohol and always switch with a glass of water. Instead of drinking white wine, you can also order a wine spritzer.


How to get a flat stomach – Recommended foods

Eat much, be satisfied and only a few calories: This recipe for success will help you lose weight – also on the belly. The following foods can help you because they make long fed up and are low in calories:

  • Vegetables (preferably steamed)how to get a flat stomach - recommended food
  • Fruit
  • Eggs
  • Milk and milk products
  • lean poultry
  • lean fish
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Wholemeal pasta
  • brown rice


How to get a flat stomach – Recommended drinks

Why should you pick up extra calories with drinks when there are so many delicious drinks that not contain? The will help you lose weight and in achieving the goal of “flat stomach.”

These drinks are free of calories:

  • unsweetened fruit teas
  • unsweetened herbal teas (fennel, chamomile, peppermint, and so on)
  • silent water
  • unsweetened green tea


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