Eat Stop Eat Review – Does it really work?

Eat Stop Eat Review

Read my Eat Stop Eat Review and discover of this method is something for you.

Eat Stop Eat Review – What is it?

Eat Stop Eat Review - The guideBrad Pilon is the developer of the Eat Stop Eat diet program.

The title of this program is quite fascinating – Eat Stop Eat. However, it explains this system correctly. The guide is based on intermittent fasting. The strategy is one of the most efficient methods to lose weight. It is probably one of the best choices if you want to lose weight fast. Additionally, Eat Stop Eat is one of the few programs proven with medical research.

The Paleo diet is trendy, and it also triggered the popularity of intermittent fasting. When you combine both the weight loss result is incredible. This strategy is extraordinary. Brad Pilon describes exactly all you need to know about intermittent fasting in his guide.


Eat Stop Eat Review – How does it work?

Simply put, you eat as usual during the days. But one or two times in the week, you put in a fasting period for around 20 to 24 hours. In this time you eat nothing and drink only low-calorie beverages like unsweetened tea, coffee, water. After this period you can eat again all you like, but should keep your calorie intake at around 2000 calories for women and 2500 for men. Brad says he is doing the fasting normally from lunch till lunch the next day.

Additionally, you do some workouts on the non-fasting days. Brad recommends that you workout three or four times in the week to train your muscle groups and do some cardio.


Eat Stop Eat Review – What can you expect?

Brad says intermittent fasting can improve your fat burning hormone by 700%. You will be able to control your hunger and put an end to cravings. Also, your stress hormones will decrease which results in burning more belly fat. Your brain functions will increase, and your memory and concentration will be much better. Intermittent fasting can boost your metabolism as well as your energy level. Besides, it reduces the risk of diabetes and can ease existing symptoms. Additionally, it increases the insulin sensitivity. As a result, you can eat more and still stay slim and lose weight faster. Also, it reduces inflammation of your joints, and you will feel much better.


Eat Stop Eat Review – Is it something for you?

As Brad Pilon says, the method is not for everyone. If you can’t keep yourself busy enough to not think about food all the time, Eat Stop Eat most likely won’t be the best choice for you. Also if you prefer to follow a strict diet, this method won’t be ideal for you.

The intermittent fasting method is for you if:

  • You enjoy eating with family and friends.
  • Health and looking great is both essential for you
  • you look for an easy strategy to follow
  • you want to get rid of hunger and food-obsession
  • you want quick results and keep them for the rest of your life


Pros of the Eat Stop Eat Review

  • The book is easy to understand and to follow
  • For women and men
  • The system is scientifically proven
  • You learn to recognize if you are hungry
  • You can still eat your favorite food
  • It is online available
  • Money back guarantee


Cons of the Eat Stop Eat Review

  • As with all weight loss programs you need to put in some effort and change some of your habits. Your body needs around two weeks to adjust to the new style.
  • You need to keep yourself busy enough to not think about food all the time


Conclusion of the Eat Stop Eat Review

Brad Pilon’s e-book is most likely the best guide on intermittent fasting you can get. You don’t need to follow a strict diet and can still enjoy your favorite food as long as you stick to the method.

Eat Stop Eat Review - Guide with BonusCheck it out yourself!

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