Change bad weight loss habits

How to change bad weight loss habits?

Change bad weight loss habitsDo you have the feeling like getting nowhere in your weight loss? That it is way too hard? Do you think that it ‘s hard to include the right weight loss strategies in your daily plan? And do you discover that you got way more weight gaining habits than weight loss patterns?

That is ok. Don’t worry about it. The truth is a lot of people got lots of bad weight loss habits. But it is possible to get over them with some practice, persistence and time.

It is normal that you probably got lots of bad weight loss habits. You had many years to practice and advance them to perfection. You can’t expect that you get over them over night. Hence it is important that you know that habits can either help you or hurt you with your weight loss.

How to change bad weight loss habits?

The only way to change bad weight loss habits is time.  Give yourself the time you need to replace the bad with new healthy habits which help you losing weight. Do you know that it takes only 21 days to develop a new habit? Means it took 21 days to form the habit to come home from work and lay on the couch with unhealthy snacks. Most likely you did this way longer though. Just imagine what it means to your health and weight loss if you replace the couch and snacks with a walk for example. You can do it, and you only need 21 days for this.

Change bad weight loss habits - lifestyleIt is easiest to replace a bad habit with a new healthy one. One by one at the time. Many people fail because they don’t give enough time and try to change all bad habits at once. To do that without failure is impossible. As mentioned before you had many years to practice.  And the bad habits won’t disappear over night without a fight. Start with only one. For example, you are sitting inactively in front of your computer every hour to check your emails. Replace that with a scheduled time and check only once or twice a day.

Or take our example with the couch and snacks. Most likely you are tired and stressed when you get home and need to relax. Try to find an alternative for that, like a walk in the park or swimming.


How to change bad weight loss habits?

Change bad weight loss habits - bad habitsOnce you notice the results of giving you the time you need to change bad weight loss habits it will get easier to stick to it. And with time you can change all of them. After time you will determine a way of life that enables you to enjoy the advantages of healthy weight loss habits. The old bad habits which were keeping you from weight loss remain a memory. Let us start to take one bad weight loss habit at the time.

Determine the practices which destroy your weight loss efforts. Write them down and try to find a healthy alternative to replace them.

Each month you can take away a bad habit and replace it with a new one. Just like we did in the example of the couch. Give yourself the time to concentrate the whole month on that new habit. Keep in mind that you are working towards a steady long lasting transformation. Your bad habits had a lifetime to form. Now you need to allow yourself the time to change bad weight loss habits as well.


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