Tips to change bad eating habits

Change bad eating habits - protection

Tips to change bad eating habits

Change bad eating habitsDo you have bad eating habits? Lots of people don’t even realize how bad their diet is. But there are also many who know it and trying hard to change it. It isn’t easy to stick to a healthy eating plan all the time. A healthy diet can be more expensive, or it takes more time to prepare the meals. Holidays or some social events can make it also hard to stick to it. But with these easy to follow tips you can make it happen to change bad eating habits.



Find allies

Are there friends, colleagues or partners, which makes the diet with me? Together with others it is easier and more fun to change bad eating habits


Collect recipesChange bad eating habits - recipes

Collect recipes that suit your diet. Do not be satisfied by your previous diet with only omit things. Certainly, there are dishes that you did not know. Prepare meals also to take them with you. Thus, the conversion suddenly makes fun.


No boredom while eating!

Unilateral diets are not only harmful but also tedious. One week only slurp cabbage soup or eat pineapple?! No thanks!

If you want to change your diet in the long term, it should offer a wide variety. With great recipes and no boredom on the plate. And fun food is half the battle to endure a diet and change bad eating habits.


Investigate your diet

What is the right kind of nutrition for me? What feels good for my body and what I should better leave? You only can change bad eating habits if you know what you like to eat.


Adequate calorie intake

Change bad eating habits - mealsExtreme weight loss diets, unilateral diets – no matter what you have in mind to achieve your bikini body quickly – let it remain! They are extremely one-sided, nutritious and low-calorie eating plans are harmful to your body. From hated yo-yo effect quite apart.

To lose weight, determine first your personal energy basal metabolic rate (BMR). The BMR is vital and must be available for your body. Combine the necessary caloric intake in the form of nutrient-rich, healthy diet with adequate exercise. A slow and healthy weight loss is no more obstacles.


Prevent food cravings

Put fruits, vegetables, nuts, or what fits your nutrition plan, to where the risk of intense hunger is greatest. How, for example, to work, or in front of the TV. So you can prevent cravings traps.


Define exceptions

Set occasions when you can indulge, such as weddings, family celebrations or just on Sundays. The guilty conscience is the biggest stumbling block when it comes to diet and can bring you quickly to give up. Approved exceptions help endure.


With a healthy diet, all foods are allowed!Change bad eating habits - all is allowed

Important here is the word “moderation.” In moderation, of course, you can indulge yourself even with a change of diet chocolate, ice cream or chips. To deprive the body of these things, in the long run, only reinforces the cravings and uncontrolled in-themselves-in plug.

So give yourselves the best one day a week when you sin with relish and moderation. That pleases the soul and the scale.


Test everything for a while

Check your nutrition plan and adjust it if necessary, so that it is suitable for everyday use.


Daily check

Is the type of diet for me for everyday use? How do I implement my plan when I am working again and go out to eat with colleagues and friends? And how many exceptions are possible or wanted and can I authorize me?


Set goals

Clarify what do you wish to achieve in the long term through the change in diet? What is in focus (for example, to lose weight, eat meatlessly, stomach problems get a grip)?


Sustainable weight loss, incorporate exercise

Healthy slimming is slowly slimming. You also didn’t gain your fat within a week.

A truly top and medically accepted diet lets you lose a pound or two per week. Combined with Sport your metabolism stays in the long term on their toes. Bye, bye yo-yo effect, hello bikini body!


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