Can’t lose weight? These could be the reasons

Can't lose weight - help

Can’t lose weight? These might be the reasons.

Can't lose weight - nothing worksYou did everything; you did workouts, you dieted. You got the feeling no matter what you try you can’t lose weight. Lots of people say that no matter what they do it seems they can’t get rid of the unwanted pounds. The problem is for all the same. But it can have different reasons for different people. Not every way of eating works for all individuals the same. And not every weight loss program works the same for all persons.

If you can’t lose weight here are a few possible reason and suggestions what you can do to make it work again.



Can’t lose weight? – Medical Reasons

Can't lose weight - medical reasonsI don’t want to say that your genes got the fault and you are genetically programmed to be overweight. That isn’t true at all. In fact, scientists discovered that even if you got a genetic tendency to be overweight, the genes only affect 15 – 25% of your weight. So skip this as an excuse.

But there are a few medical factors that some people can’t lose weight. For example, insulin resistance, low thyroid, adrenal exhaustion and other medical reason can make losing weight almost impossible,

Due to that you should first go and talk with your doctor before you start a weight loss program. Make sure you don’t have any health issues keeping you from losing weight.

Nothing is more annoying than trying everything to lose weight, and nothing happens. Clear up your medical issues first and then start your weight loss program. In fact, maybe you don’t even need to start, and the weight goes down on its own after resolving your health issues.


Can’t lose weight? –  Wrong weight loss program

Can't lose weight - wrong programYou can find lots of different ways to lose weight and many weight loss programs to pick. Some strategies focus on a change in diet; others focus on workouts and a few even concentrate on emotional reasons for overeating.

Every individual is different and will lose the pounds on their particular way. When you can’t lose weight, you might have picked the wrong diet plan.

Maybe you feel better with a fitness-based weight loss program instead of a diet-focuses one. There are lots of options you can choose. And you are worthy to take your time to find the best working program for you.

Get your time to review various weight loss program, Chose the one you can get thrilled about and matches your character and belief system.


Can’t lose weight? – Emotional eating

Can't lose weight - more than a numberNutritionists estimate that 75% of overeating is because of emotions. Can you imagine that? 75%! Think about what would happen if you discover how to control the emotional eating and skip all these calories. What a great impact on your weight loss. The pounds would drop like nothing.

Sadly, in our world the emotional eating increases. Today lots of people feel the pressure of a more and more stressful lifestyle; We barely have time to tie our shoes, not even to talk about dealing with our emotions.

Due to that we swallow our feelings and ignore them. Till they explode and we end up with a big bowl of ice cream with extra whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Here is the fact, we all are humans, and we have emotions. Our emotional needs are crucial, and they need to be addressed correctly with love. We require emotional growing and correct emotional care.

You feel better when you take a 5-minute break every hour at work and restore your emotional balance. Just do it.  You got the feeling you need to relax by going to the mall and explore the shops there. Don’t let anyone stop you and just do it.

Discover how to take care of your emotional health, and you will get rid of the emotional overeating. And finally, start to lose weight.


Can’t lose weight? – Too many good intentions

Can't lose weight - too many good intensionsOur list of good intentions is long: During the diet, there is no candy, we go every day for sports, eat nutritious foods, always cooking fresh, not snacking throughout the day and so much more.

That’s what happens: at the latest on the third day we bend down. So many resolutions we cannot implement all at once! If it runs very poorly, we’ll throw the diet away entirely.

Better: consider small goals that you can also implement! Since we rarely make just one-week diet, you can also change things step by step. In week one work on the food, in week two modify the sports behavior and so on.


Can’t lose weight? – Too less food

Can't lose weight - too less foodIn the morning a little fruit and steamed vegetables for lunch and in the evening a broth: That has excellent low calories. Nevertheless, not a good idea if you want to keep the Diet for more than two days in a row.

That’s what happens: you are constantly hungry, sooner or later it comes to food cravings, and you eat massive amounts. Apart from that, your supply with nutrients isn’t sufficient. The metabolism slows down, and the yo-yo effect comes after the diet.

Better: To be fed and happy, you should eat at least 1200 kcal per day.


Can’t lose weight? – Exaggerate with the sport

Can't lose weight - too much sportsGo daily for sports, first an hour endurance, then past that a display unit, all to build muscles. The fact is: you can also overdo it with the sport!

That’s what happens: If you have rather spent the evenings on the sofa till yet, you will have severe soreness after the first day and got to pause for now. And if you then start again, who knows.

Better: Do not overdo it, but start slowly. 30 minutes’ endurance with a slow tempo is enough for the beginning. And a day break should always adhere too so that the body can recover.


Can’t lose weight? – To prohibit yourself everything

Can't lose weight - prohibit everythingAll get an ice cream for lunch – but you waived because that does not fit the diet. The same goes for the cocktail in the evening when leaving with friends or dinner invitation. Of course, who wants to lose weight, cannot accept any offers, but reject all, is also wrong.

That’s what happens: If you forbid yourself everything, you will eventually be frustrated and lose the fun in life. Apart from that, the cravings are just waiting – always ready at last to speak up.

Better: think carefully about how much you would like to have just an ice cream or a cocktail. Can we do without in a good mood, you should just do that too. Is the appetite colossal, you should treat yourself to a small serving – but it thereby also leaving.


Can’t lose weight? – Expect miracles

Can't lose weight - expect miraclesSo for three days, we have been tortured ourselves, taken attention to the meal and were even doing sports. That really must have done something? 4 pounds at least should be down or not? Unfortunately, no. There are no miracles in weight loss, and it’s always slower than you want it.

That’s what happens: Who stares daily like a hawk on the scale and checks his weight and tests whether the clothes, which became too small, will be quickly frustrated. Because far too less doing. And frustration often leads to the termination of the diet.

Better: Have small destinations in mind, for example, a pound per week and a dress size in two months. Better get the scale only once a week out of the closet, always on the same day and at the same time. That brings certain values.


Can’t lose weight? – Give up too soon

It just will not work! We’re frustrated that suddenly nothing works anymore, even though we do sports and eat less. It worked the first few weeks so good!

That’s what happens: For many, it plateaus after a while. Now we have to persevere and not be angry.

Better: If the weight on the scale doesn’t go down anymore despite all efforts, you should eat a bit more for a few days. Then it’ll work again with the weight loss.


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