Best weight loss tips you can easily follow

Best weight loss tips

Best weight loss tips you can easily follow

Best weight loss tipsA lot of people try to lose weight these days. They are signed up to a fitness program or try the latest fad diet. No matter which strategy you chose to follow. Losing weight isn’t the easiest thing to do. Everybody who ever tried to lose weight knows that the hardest part is to stick to the rules and stay motivated. Here are a few of the best weight loss tips that certainly help you to make it easier for you to reach your weight loss goals.


Best weight loss tips – Plan your meals

It can get complicated to stick to your diet plan when you’re not allowed to eat everything you like. The chances are high that you make the wrong choices in what you eat if you don’t plan before. As long as you are undecided which meal you want to prepare it is highly possible that you fall for the wrong food. Better is to plan the day before what to eat then you don’t need to think about it. And the probability is much lower for you to eat forbidden food.


Best weight loss tips – Eat before the party

Best weight loss tips - eat before partyCook a delicious vegetable soup in the afternoon and eat it, so you are properly fed. The soup is still not heavy on the stomach. The soup will help you later at the party, not to rush for the buffet with cravings. Party Drinking Tip: Select instead of white wine better a wine spritzer. 125 ml wine spritzer has only 45 kcal in 125 ml of white wine; it is 85 kcal!


Best weight loss tips – Slim while you sleep

In the night run our growth hormones as energy guzzlers in full swing. But only if they are not slowed down by too sumptuous supper. Nevertheless, you do not have to go to bed hungry – do not carbohydrates after 7 pm, focus instead on vegetables or salad with lean fish or poultry.


Best weight loss tips – Always along the wall

Best weight loss tips - along the wallIn most supermarkets are healthy food located on the outside of the shop. There you will find fruits, vegetables, and fish. Industrially processed foods, sweets and snacks store on the shelves in the middle.

Therefore, fill your basket possible on the outskirts of the supermarket. Get used to eating something before you go shopping. Studies have shown that when buyers are hungry around 50 percent more of unhealthy foods end up in the car.


Best weight loss tips – No XXL-Packages

Pudding, chocolate or cereal: Everything you can get in an extra-large format. Extra-large packages are maybe good for the wallet, but bad for the body. Because studies have shown that people snack around a quarter more out of larger packs. The only thing that helps: fill the total amount in small individual portions immediately after your purchase.


Best weight loss tips – Don’t weigh too often

Best weight loss tips - do not weigh to oftenTo weigh once a week is enough. Especially motivating: A fat scale that also measures the water and muscle percentage in addition to fat. So is your incentive to move and to drink more water, even greater.


Best weight loss tips – Check your hunger

The stomach growls? It is often thirst. Always drink a glass of water, and wait 5 minutes, before you grab something to eat. Then you realize if you’re hungry.


Best weight loss tips – Tighten our belts

Best weight loss tips - tighten beltsJust let it pinch on the waistband slightly. The tightening belt keeps you from having to eat larger portions.


Best weight loss tips- Build up muscles

Sports activate muscles; burns calories and increases the basal metabolic rate. If you cannot make it alone: Search a friend who participates. And: Choose a sport that you enjoy.


Best weight loss tips – Fat burner Vitamin C

Best weight loss tips - vitamin cEat regularly bell peppers, cabbage, and fruit. The high vitamin C content avails the body to produce the Slim-hormone norepinephrine and boost your metabolism.


Best weight loss tips – Drink hot ginger water

Pour 4 cups hot water over the fresh ginger. Infuse for 5 minutes then strain it. Drink 1 cup on an empty stomach, fill the rest in a thermos flask and drink it throughout the day.


Best weight loss tips – Honey instead of sugar

Best weight loss tips - honey instead sugarTake honey or fruit syrup to sweeten your food instead of table sugar. Honey contains valuable minerals and trace elements. Pure table sugar, however, is a Vitamin-B Raiders! But please use honey only sparingly because of the sugar content.



Best weight loss tips – Breakfast before ten clock

Without breakfast, the metabolism only comes with difficulty in transition, and your body gets the energy from the muscles: so instead of fat muscle mass is reduced.


Best weight loss tips – Espresso kills calories

Best weight loss tips - espressoThe little black coffee after eating is not only delicious but also a great help to slim: He heats the metabolism and makes sure that your body burns calories even up to three hours after eating them.


Best weight loss tips – Balance small sins

Small eating sins (chocolate cake) are okay. But compensate them on the same day or a day later by doing 1/2 to 1-hour sport.


Best weight loss tips- Zero blood alcohol level

Best weight loss tips - no alcoholEspecially impressive in summer: The easiest way to save calories is in beverages. Cola, soda, sweetened fruit juices and especially alcohol quickly go to the hips. Better are juices mixed with water and herbal and fruit teas.



Best weight loss tips – Fitness for lazy people

Wear ankle weights while doing housework. That makes a tight butt and legs and burns additional calories.


Best weight loss tips – Fresh air instead the gym

Outdoor sports affect twice as good. You train your muscles, burn calories, and the increased oxygen content secretes an anti-hunger enzyme.


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