Best way to lose weight – Basic tips

Best way to lose weight

Best way to lose weight

Best way to lose weightWhen you want to lose weight, you can find all sorts of crazy and trendy diets out there these days. In addition to the many extreme weight loss diets, which promise a rapid fat loss and a super-fast weight loss in a short time, there seems to be any diet-aid you can imagine. The weight loss industry started with shakes and has advanced to include everything from candy bars over pudding to pills and patches. Each of this item claims that it can help you to drop this unwanted pounds quickly and easily. However, these rapid weight loss plans that have spread like fire don’t have permanent results. Mostly the weight loss methods that include weight loss drinks, food, supplements or pill don’t work. If they work, the results are only temporary. A diet based on a healthy weight loss that gives lifetime results is the better way.

Now I can say for a fact, that it is everything else than easy for the most of us to drop this extra pounds.

If you like some tips that make it a little easier to achieve your weight loss goals, then maybe the following tips can help you.


Best way to lose weight – 

Don’t starve yourself

Best way to lose weight - don't starveOne thing you shouldn’t do under any circumstances: Reducing the food radically. Doing that the body adjusts to a different metabolism, but does not lose weight.

You might seem to feel happy when losing this unwanted flab on your tummy and thighs when you start to skip meals. But keep in mind, this won’t last long.  Your body can’t tolerate having insufficient food to fill up the energy it needs every day.

If you get used to skipping some meals, your stored calories will be used up in place of the power that should be offered by meals. If you only eat one big sandwich, it ends up right away on your problem areas (i.e. Hips, belly, thighs, waist and so on)


Best way to lose weight – 

Start your day right

Best way to lose weight - eat breakfastMothers use to say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Start your day with healthy breakfast to jumpstart your metabolism. What you were eating after waking up will be used the whole day to burn fat.


Best way to lose weight – 

Drink lots of water

Best way to lose weight - drink waterIt really can’t be said enough how important it is to drink water when you want to reach your fitness goals. In the first place water hydrates, the body but water is also a major way of deception to make your body believe it is full. Other drink doesn’t work near as good in this endeavor, and many drinks, even fruit juices contain useless calories that you can’t afford when you want to lose weight.

Drinking lots of water while dieting also helps to keep the elasticity of your skin, so you can avoid some of the “loose skin” look, which often goes along with massive weight loss. As a bonus of drinking plenty of water, your skin will look radiant and beautiful as well.


Best way to lose weight – 

Set yourself goals

Best way to lose weight - set goalsTo set yourself goals is one of the most important things when you are working on losing weight. Keep your goals realistic. Make sure that your goals are hard but achievable. When goals are unrealistic at the beginning, you will easily get frustrated, and it’s much more likely that you just give up. However, challenges inspire us to accomplish bigger things in life. If you’re able to find someone to lose weight with you to have a friendly competition for a week or a month, then it’s much more likely that you achieve your goals than if you do it silently alone.


Best way to lose weight – 

Eat more

Best way to lose weight - eat moreDid you read that twice? You’ve read right. Eat healthier food that is high in fiber. Eat more fruits and vegetables – if you eat enough of the food that is good for you, then you will not be inclined to binge on calorie-loaded junk food.  Also eat smaller healthier meals more frequently. It is better to eat five small-serving snacks per day than three hearty meals. Eating more often, and in small servings, can prevent over-eating. Eating more also increase your metabolism and make calories burn faster.


The best way to lose weight – 


Best way to lose weight - moveFor the most people, it seems this is easy to say, but for many hard to do. Nonetheless getting up and be in motion is one of, if not even the best way, to burn calories. The simple truth is; you’re not going to lose weight if you eat more calories than you can burn. The more activities you enjoy and do to burn calories, the more likely it is that you get rid of those unwanted pounds and hit your weight loss goals.

Some great activities to burn calories are gardening, dancing, walking, jumping rope, playing tennis, volleyball, hopscotch to play with your children, riding a bike, swimming. I mention this activity because you can trick yourself into believing that you’re not exercising while you still burn calories. You also can walk if you’re only going a few blocks from home, instead of using the car or use the stairs instead of the elevator. Even cleaning the house requires energy and movement, and if you turn on some good music and dance a bit around while cleaning you can quickly burn some additional calories.


Best way to lose weight – 

Avoid too much sugarBest way to lose weight - avoid sugar

Plan your meals with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables together with lean meat, fish, and protein rich food. Sweets, soft drinks, and pastries should only be once in a while indulges.


Best way to lose weight – 

Watch your fat intake and avoid fried food

Best way to lose weight - avoid gatFat is not the guilty at the overweight. You need fat to keep your weight at the right level. There are many healthy fats like olive, peanut or canola oil have them. Also fish like tuna, salmon, and mackerel have omega-3 fats that are good for your heart.



Best way to lose weight – 

Write it down in a diaryBest way to lose weight - write a diary

Write everything you eat and drink every day down. So you cannot cheat yourself. And after a while, you will see the success.


Best way to lose weight – 

Stop eating when you’re full

Best way to lose weight - stop eatingIt sounds easy and is often not respected: Stop eating when you’re full. Whether in the restaurant or at home, you do not have to empty the plate completely. Stop repeatedly while eating and listen to yourself, if you are still hungry. If your belly indicates you, that his need for food is satisfied, then put knife and fork aside.

Because it tastes delicious or you don’t want to let it go back isn’t  a reason to keep eating. You usually can freeze leftovers in or reheat them, and in the restaurant, you can find out if you can take with you what is left.

Don’t be the trash can for others: If your children don’t want to eat everything that’s on the plate, you don’t need to eat the leftovers. Instead of that put them less on the plate or order a children’s portion for the little ones at the restaurant.


Best way to lose weight – 

Prohibit nothingBest way to lose weight - everything is allowed

People who want to lose weight, like to put on prohibitions. As a signal to yourself and others that you are serious about losing weight. However, this attempt usually involves a risk: If you then don’t stick to it because of something the frustration is programmed. And maybe then the whole weight loss plan is in danger to be given up. Try it differently: Consider chocolate or fruit gums as something special. You may be enjoying it, but just as a small serving.


Best way to lose weight – 

Be patient

It is perhaps the most difficult task: you stick to all scientifically proven weight-loss tips, you do without chocolate, you regularly go jogging, and the pounds still don’t tumble. Although it might sound stupid: Hold on. The body separates reluctant of fat deposits. But sooner or later he will do it. The more you move, the better.

It doesn’t matter how much weight you want or needs to lose. It’s more important that you set yourself realistic goals. Eat healthily and drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and do some exercises. All this gives you a higher chance of getting rid of the unwanted fat and improve your health.


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