Addicted to food – Is it possible?

Addicted to food

Is it possible to be addicted to food?

Addicted to foodIt is hard to be addicted to drugs, gambling or alcohol. But these are things you don’t need to stay alive.  However, can you think of being addicted to food? Is this even possible to be addicted to something you need to stay alive? Experts say it is possible.

They made scans of the brain from people who are addicted to food and compared them to scans of drug and alcohol addicts. The scans showed that the brain changes are almost the same. Typically food addicts consider food which is full of calories and carbohydrates. For example pizza, ice cream, chocolate, cake and so on.

They also discovered that food and drug addicts got something else in common, They all have fewer receptors for dopamine. Dopamine is also called the feel good hormone. Due to that, the experts believe that people who are addicted to food might need to eat more to feel good than other people.


Are you addicted to food?

Addicred to food - eat allThe brain makes humans who are addicted to food feel a way greater pleasure from eating and makes them less aware of their other body parts. To make it even worse they got the same withdrawal symptoms like drug addicts. These can be anger, depression, irritability, moodiness and more.

Experts estimate that three out of four overweight people are addicted to food or more exact to carbs. This addiction can be a result of too much insulin. The insulin asks you to overeat with the wrong types of food. Signs can be mood swings, fatigue, headache due to low blood sugar levels.

Nonetheless, we need to eat to stay alive. So the question is if it is possible to control a food or carb addiction. The answer is yes. Here are a few things you can do if you are addicted to food. Even if you aren’t addicted to food, these tips can help you to lose weight.


Write a journal

Addicted to food - journalWrite down everything you eat and how you feel at this time. Writing it down can help you to determine the triggers to eat this thing. To see what you did eat in a period can show you how much food controls your life. There is no need to show someone else this journal as long as you don’t want to. But make sure you keep track of everything. It might shock you when you see how much you are eating- But this can help you to get in the right direction again.


Know your triggers and avoid them

Some foods can be triggers which cause you to eat out of control. If you can discover them, you can avoid them. If they aren’t reachable, you can’t eat them. Some events, holidays or even people can be a trigger too. If you know individuals who irritate you and causes you to eat, only try to avoid them as much as possible.


Concentrate on the foodAddicted to food - no junk food

It might sound counter productive to focus on food when all you can think about is food anyway; The plan is to only focus on food you truly like and not on just stuffing you up with everything that is reachable. Pay attention to the food you eat while eating. Paying attention will prevent that you eat mindlessly. And it will help you to control the problem and enjoy your food.

People who are addicted to food got it harder than other addicts. They can’t give up on food; they need to eat to stay alive.


Take your time when eating

Addicted to food - small portionsPut your food on small plates. Lay your fork down between bites. Chew properly; this also helps with digesting.  Instead of filling everything on your plate or table at once go twice to fill your plate.  Drink water between your single bites. Eat slowly and concentrate on what you eat without getting distracted by the TV or something else.


Get help

Your doctor or a therapist can help you. Or you can join a support group. People with the same problem are great to help each other and provide the needed support. Most of all it is important to know that you are not struggling with being addicted to food alone. If you want, get help from all. Each one can support you in their way.


Don’t give upAddicted to food - never give up

Maybe you’re first trying to control your food addiction isn’t successful. That doesn’t mean that every attempt fail. Concentrate on the positive progress and don’t skip your efforts. One day you will be able to control your food addiction without struggling.



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